1947 AERONCA 11 CC SUPER CHIEF. Thank you to Troy (https://www.instagram.com/troywoll/) for filming most of this. 9 inch wide plastic bottoms are UHMW PE (much lighter than teflon ). Click below for more details. I'd choose based on which one is closest to you. If you find a post objectionable, just leave it be. We have many build logs here on Aerosente. Original equipment on Piper, Aeronca, Taylorcraft, Cessna, Ercoupe, Fairchild, and others. Does anyone know if the window was a factory option, or was it just a difference between Taylorcrafts for diffrent years of production. PLEASE CALL MIKE OR TOM AT 415-246-4337 OR EMAIL US. A65-8 engine. Static load rating 1400lbs (700 lb. As of now, the Chief is at the top of my list. Aeronca, contracted from Aeronautical Corporation of America, located in Middletown, Ohio, is a US manufacturer of engine components and airframe structures for commercial aviation and the defense industry, and a former aircraft manufacturer.From 1928 to 1951, the company was a major producer of general aviation aircraft, and also produced the engines for some of their early designs. I had an F19 that I really liked, I only sold it because my family grew and we needed more seats. Post Free 90-Day Ads that Display on Multiple Sites! Lots of room for that type of airplane. Below is an interview I conducted with Richard about his experiences working for JASCO and more specifically his relationship with Frank Zaic. Rear auxiliary tank. The J-3, and J-5 three-place Cruiser were very honest flying aircraft. It was a total joy to fly, especially with the doors off in the summer. Fly airplane. Only 47 hrs. Get the best deals on Aviation Parts & Accessories for Aeronca when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Currently rigged for Piper J3. Aerosente Photos (Photo Credits: Unless otherwise noted all scale photos are the work of Mark Nankivil), QUESTIONS? Don't Miss The October 2012 Aerosente Newsletter - Pin-Ups Galore! You guys are great! First Ever U.S. Vintage Gull Wing Sailplane Model Kit? Make sure you check the latest weight & balance. 100 Taylorcraft BC12D-4-85 101 Taylorcraft BC12D-85 Otherwise a short wing Piper might fit the bill as well. The T Craft performs well on floats (with 85hp or more). Technical and practical discussion about specific aircraft types such as Cessna 180, Maule M7, et al. Richard Smith is one of Frank's associates having worked for JASCO and contributed to his yearbooks. $18.00. Click the image below to see a list of our in process and completed build logs. The Taylorcraft, flying on the GWS IPS D drive. since restoration in 2006 including new interior, fabric and paint. Get airplane. All logs back to 1953. Video of the lawrence Tech IV flight 27th june 2012, « Thomas Knauff - A Remarkable Sailplane Pilot, Construction manual and plans complete for the 1:3 scale DFS Reiher III, Creating Canopy Tooling for Scale Sailplanes, The Many Faces of the Ross-Stephens Sailplane, Framing, Glazing and Installing Clear Plastic Canopies - Tutorial. Bill's perfeclty finished Aeronca Chief. BEC. C $98.45. Aeronca Chief. AERONCA CHIEF • $20,000 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • 1947 Aeronca Chief 11AC-1706. I learned in a Champ, years ago, got the bug, and bought a Luscombe 8F after not flying for 20 years. In 1941, the United States Army Air Corps ordered four examples of the Aeronca 65 TC Defender, designated YO-58, for evaluation of the suitability of light aircraft for observation and liaison purposes. A buddy and Ifinished up a Chief a few years ago with a C-85. All Rights Reserved. All logs back to 1953. All three are good side by side airplanes for what you want to do. We are an authorized Sensenich factory distributor. Click the image below tp subscribe to our free monthly newsletter - 24 pages of vintage beauties, builds, prints, plans, pin-ups, interviews, news and special deals. per ski). Here are the Aeronca Chief, Taylorcraft and Cub Cruiser built by Bill Rosman and an Aeronca K by Jeff Jackson. since restoration in 2006 including new interior, fabric and paint. The Luscombe is different in that it is metal, stick but in wrong hand (tandem trainers had throttle in left hand), and significantly faster. AERONCA PRE WAR AIRFRAME • $1,500 • FIRE SALE • Prewar Aeronca Chief fuselage has had a few repairs with nice doors , front fuel tank, dash and most instruments, complete front fiberglass cowling in excellent shape ,Main gear, rudder and misc. Designed for flight training and personal use, the Chief was produced in the United States between 1946 and 1950. AERONCA CHIEF • $20,000 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • 1947 Aeronca Chief 11AC-1706. Call for current price. Bolts and mounting plates not included. parts. The Aeronca Model 7 Champion, commonly known as the "Champ", or "Airknocker", is a single-engine light airplane with a high wing, generally configured with fixed conventional landing gear and tandem seating for two occupants.. Consumer demand for more comfort, longer range and better instrumentation resulted in its development in 1938, powered by a 50-horsepower (37-kilowatt) Continental, Franklin or Lycoming engine. Watch. Adrián Muiño Electrified Thermic 70 - It did it deliciously from the very beginning!!! |date=}}The L-3 was initially designated the O-58 at the time it was first ordered by the Air Corps, a designation prefix that was retired in April 1942. The Aeronca Model 50 Chief was an American light plane of the late 1930s. Models with wing tanks have a good sized hat throw which provides ample room for inflight storage. C $70.89. They had a control response more similar to t hat of a military trainer than either the 1939 Aeronca Chief, Luscombe or Taylorcraft seemed to possess. 1.14.2014 - Initial article format In the second part of this series, we cover operations on skis, and the unique challenges. FAST 'N FREE. 1 Aeronca 11AC 2 Aeronca 11BC 3 Aeronca 50-C 4 Aeronca 50-F 5 Aeronca 50-S 6 Aeronca 50-TC 7 Aeronca 50-TL 8 Aeronca 60-TF 9 Aeronca 65-C 10 Aeronca 65-CA (L-3F) ... 95 Taylorcraft A 96 Taylorcraft BC 97 Taylorcraft BC12-65 98 Taylorcraft BC12-D 99 Taylorcraft BC12-D1. 1947 Aeronca Chief 11AC-1706. The airplane underwent service tests in the summer of 1941 during maneuvers in Louisiana and Texas. Jeff Jackson's TMRC Aeronca K. Plans show how to create all of the cowl and engine details. Jeff Jackson's TMRC Aeronca K. Plans show how to create all of the cowl and engine details. Great performer and easy on gas. For what you are doing, faster is not good. Only 47 hrs. It was a variation of the Model 7 Champion and differed primarily by having increased fuselage width to permit side-by-side seating and a lowered cowling line to permit better visibility. I suppose the Chief, the J-4, The Taylorcraft and the Luscombe are really victims of the success of the Cessna 150 with its nosewheel and all metal construction which made it a better practical aircraft than they could ever be. Piston has been removed from engine, cleaned, blasted and machined. « Thomas Knauff - A Remarkable Sailplane Pilot | One of my best friends had a taylorcraft, it was a fun, sexy, and beautiful antique. Another factor is the ever present Chief vs. $10.00 shipping. He writes about all things Cherokee including photos, flight reports, a repository of known flying Cherokees, rebuilds, etc. When perfect, A long-time Alaskan takes some international visitors for a tour of frozen Lake George, and is reminded. Rough air beats you up more at 115 mph and it is a bit harder to to slow down enough to avoid damage in a ground loop. I always liked this T-Cart flying out of Port Alsworth: A hunting guide and outfitter reflects on the philosophy of his mountain float flying career thus far, A greenhorn pilot arrives at the conclusion that he needs his own airplane, but wisely decides to, Hawk Greenway wanted to fly his personal Cessna Bird Dog over the top of Denali. The new V2 Chuck Gulls are now shipping. http://share.findmespot.com/shared/face ... 7NYN40QT2I, https://hirschmann.photoshelter.com/gal ... zh2s1kumu0, https://hirschmann.photoshelter.com/gal ... 7L_Un5ng50, Mountain Float Flying Part 1: The Imaginary Passenger, From Trike to Floats in Alaska's Backcountry, Portable shelters and tents for airplane camping. Both nice airplanes and will teach you stick and rudder skills. They all fly well. Design and development. I’ve never flown the other two but I loved my Luscombe. Wood Selection for Vintage Scale Model Sailplanes, Instrument Panel Construction in Vintage Scale Model Sailplanes, The Lawrence Tech IV Laister Yankee Doodle, Making Scarf Joints in Structural Members of Scale Balsa Sailplane Models, From Jason Wentworth: A Horten IIIB Flying Wing, Silent Night - Military Service of the SGS-2-32, The Partially Illustrated Guide to Aeronautical Terminology and Equations, JJ Sinclair and the Bowlus Super BS-100 Albatross, The Aerosente Glider Workshop: DFS Reiher III Pilot Hanna Reitsch, The Aerosente Glider Workshop: Great Onboard Video - 6.3 Meter 1:3 Scale DFS Reiher III, This Is What the Fuselage Build Photos Look Like On The 6.0 Meter Condor IV, Great Onboard Video - 6.3 Meter 1:3 Scale DFS Reiher III, Now Selling 1:4 Scale Towplane Release Assembly From MCAP, Nice Mark Nankivil Article and Photos on The Condor IV, Subscribe to the Aerosente YouTube Video Channel. Rear auxiliary tank. Thanks! I had to ask. The drawback of a Tcraft is they're not as easy to get into as some, but the guy I bought mine from weighed 325 and managed to get in, so where there's a will, there's a way. Im 6’1 and felt cramped, that was my only complaint. Just one mans account of what it was like to be around Frank back in the day... Tony Condon is our Factory Rep for the Hall Cherokee II. Heck, even with the A-65 my old Taylorcraft would bounce on and off gravel bars and beaches just fine. (It also placed similar orders with Piper and Taylorcraft Aircraft).Service tests during the US Army's annual maneuvers proved successful, and resulted in … each. I might be biased, but I think the Taylorcraft is the best of the three for off airport/backcountry flying. Some were stored, but there were more than a few that had low engine hours, were in annual and supposedly flown regularly, but when I looked through the logs only had a few hours on the tach for the last 20 years. Some just a bit, but several so much that useful load was severely limited. Don't forget we offer four of the greatest little parkflyers in these re-engineered Comet 54 inchers. Aeronca Champ or Chief wing parts. Aeronca was noted for producing light side-by-side two-seat touring aircraft since the introduction of the Aeronca C-2 in 1929. Shop with Wag-Aero for your aviation needs! $10.00. Would one do a better job than the other? Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. Empenage of the 40" TMRC Piper Cub Cruiser. It seems to be a pretty decent all around airplane. $50.00 + $15.00 shipping . I don't have any input on those three planes, but after buying a old taildragger in April, there are a couple of things I would keep in mind when shopping. Find one with hydraulic brakes already installed though. Rear auxiliary tank. The Taylorcraft, flying on the GWS IPS D drive. The Aeronca Chief is a single-engine, two-seat, light aircraft with fixed conventional landing gear, which entered production in the United States in 1945.. One of the other things that stood out was how many of these hadn't flown in many years. The Aerosente 1:3 Scale Slingsby Type 13 Petrel Group Build Project, Chris Fenger's 1-26 Restoration Newsletter Ready For Download, November 2012 Newsletter Now Ready For Download.