The third typhoon to hit the storm-battered Philippines in as many weeks caused major flooding in Manila on Thursday, trapping some people on rooftops and claiming at least one life in another part of the country. Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) packed winds of up to 155 kilometers (96 miles) per hour as it swept across Luzon after making […] Typhoon Vamco causes major flooding in Metro Manila. This typhoon amplified the damages in the Philippines caused by the earlier typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy). METRO Manila experienced its worst flooding in recent years after Typhoon Ulysses (international name: Vamco) hit the Philippines on Wednesday night, November 11.Tens of thousands of homes were submerged by the floods, forcing residents to take refuge onto rooftops awaiting rescue. A man carries a dog as he evacuates from a flooded community following Typhoon Vamco, in Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines, November 12, 2020. Some of the affected areas according to Meralco's posts are … Typhoon Vamco, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Ulysses, was a powerful and deadly Category 4-equivalent typhoon that struck the Philippines and Vietnam and eventually became the second-costliest Philippine typhoon of all time, only surpassed by that of Typhoon Haiyan.It also caused the worst flooding in Metro Manila since Ketsana in 2009.The twenty-second named storm and tenth typhoon … Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 16) — Typhoon Ulysses (international name: Vamco) has left 67 people dead, the country's disaster management agency said … 'Rolly' hits Signal No. ( It was a rough night for most residents of the Southern Tagalog Region and Metro Manila as typhoon Ulysses made its first landfall in the islets of Quezon off the coast of mainland Luzon at November 11, 10:30 p.m. Electricity was out for most parts of both regions as strong winds damaged utility poles and cables. The typhoon hit the country on November 11. Authorities struggled to rescue residents of Metro Manila, Rizal and other parts of the country on Thursday, Nov. 12, as tens of thousands of homes in low-lying suburbs were submerged by floods brought about by Typhoon Ulysses that hit the country on Wednesday night, Nov. 11. The typhoon has caused a major power blackout within Metro Manila as it ruined the poles and lines–at least 90% were affected. Typhoon Vamco passed north of Manila between Bulacan and Pampanga provinces, toppling trees and knocking out power. Typhoon Vamco has killed at least seven people and unleashed some of the worst flooding in years in the Philippines’ capital, Manila Main image: Floodwaters inundate Metro Manila… 4, Metro Manila squarely in its path posted October 31, 2020 at 08:45 pm by Jimbo Owen B. Gulle Metro Manila is squarely in the path of Typhoon “Rolly” as the year’s strongest storm -- already reaching the rare Storm Signal No. Officials said earlier that nearly 200,000 people had been evacuated, some forcibly, from vulnerable coastal and low-lying areas. Parma (Pepeng) – 2009; Typhoon Parma had costed the Philippines about $608 million (27.3 billion pesos).