But…. what fungi do is digest nutrients in the soil and trade them to the plant for other nutrients in a symbiotic relationship much the same way we rely on the micro flora in our stomachs to digest our food some bacteria can be beneficial and some bacteria can be grown in an an aerobic environment and fungi can be grown in an anaerobic environment but for the most part an aerobic environments grow the best fungi and bacterial colonies for these purposes. See https://www.gardenmyths.com/what-is-humus/. You can just spread the compost right over the mulch. One cannot prove the existence or non-existence of god, but it works for some people. Several studies show that green tea may help reduce body fat, especially in the abdominal area (52, 53). This is in contrast to any other solid soil amendment which usually has a sliding scale of nutrient release time. Plus, I just feel like I’m having a one-way one-on-one with you and I do like that. Robert I can’t believe you haven’t said so in your repsonse. I think that’s pretty obvious, nonetheless there will always be people who fight for what feels right to them even in the complete absence of evidence or logic reason for their doing. I work in the fertilizer industry, yet I fully appreciate that fertilizers alone are not enough. Until clearly proven otherwise i will just pass on the tea. Based on the titles of the links – none have looked at this question. The variability that exists across compost teas’ chemical and biological constituents compounded by edaphic and crop factors challenges precise determination of mechanistic effects. A higher rate of decomposition speeds up the release of nutrients – so in a sort period of time there might be more, but decomposition does not create more nutrients. There is simply not enough nutrient potential to make a difference. A recent study I will write about soon showed that there was no increase in fungi during the brewing process. All of the microbes that usually exist in healthy un-waterlogged soil (I.E the sort of soil that most crop plants are adapted to grow in) will die within weeks. It is quite possible that as soon as these nutrients hit the top surface of the soil, that they are absorbed by soil particles, which would mean that they never reach the roots. If you do a little research, you will find the most people recommend stirring your water as often as possible if you don’t have an air pump. Pick some from your yard!!) Dr. Ingham does present a lot of anecdotal evidence – which is not worth much. first of all it is quite a wide window, and secondly at the limits of the window the nutrients become less available – they don’t stop being available. This is true, but it shouldn’t be regarded as a weakness per se. It is scientifically well established that many fungi help extracting at least P / increasing the area of which roots can “catch” that P. And it’s also well established that specific bacteria types increase organic matter decomposition rates / the turnover rate. As tea has no calories, substituting unsweetened tea in lieu of sugary drinks like soda and juice can help us cut our daily intake of what nutritionists call “empty calories,” – i.e., consumables that give us short-term energy without any health benefits. If you add water, and nutrients, and bacteria, you will grow more bacteria – everyone agrees on that point. While the author states that soils are already full of microbes, many soils suffer from severe disruption of their microbial communities due to tillage, compaction, removal of crop residues, pesticides, and yes, even careless fertilizer use. clearly you have never used this. 1. So anyway, where your missing the point is that we are brewing microbes and life into to tea, that then make our plants more efficient at getting there nutrients. Are you arguing that compost itself is bad? size of particle has nothing to do with how easily it breaks down.

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