One day, his father died and Carlisle had to do the hunts. Carlisle encounters Edward during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. After leaving a small bag of fortune for his human family, Emmett never looked back. The vampire is not named as when Carlisle was changed he was chasing a very old vampire in hope of killing him but the vampire bit Carlisle and that venom changed him. He was born around 1640 in London. His mother died giving birth to him. He was the son of a charismatic preacher who inspired his followers to go out and rid the city of evil creatures (ie witches, vampires, etc). he was afraid of what people like his father might do and the rejection that he would face. Carlisle Cullen born in London, England in the 1640s, is a vampire and leader of the Olympic coven. They claimed they were ridding the world of sin and evil, but many times they ended killing Maike van Tol. Carlisle was the son of a person who hunted for witches and stuff. The vampire was so old and hadn't drank blood in so long that he attacked Carlisle, but the people that came with him attacked the old vampire. Carlisle Cullen, is the father of the Olympic coven. Carlisle held her hand and explained that she was becoming a vampire. Emmett and Rosalie soon fell in love and married and did so repeatedly over the decades. He led a group and the vampire they discovered attacked him. Carlisle then transformed Rosalie Hale, a young woman who was almost killed by her drunken fiancé and his friends in … One night he … Back story: He is the son of a pastor, who was trained by his father to hunt supernatural creatures including vampires. Rosalie carried him for miles to Carlisle, who then changed him into a vampire. 1. His father lead hunts for witches and vampires and werewolves. his father hunted down creatures like werewolves and witches and vampires but usually ended killing innocent ppl. Carlisle didn't really approve of the violence, but he went to make his father happy. Knowing how his father would react, Carlisle crawled into a cellar and buried himself in rotting potatoes for the three days of the change. He is about 350 years old, and originally from London. one night he was attacked by a vampire and left on the streets. Carlisle became a vampire in the 1800's I believe. carlisle was the son of an Anglican pastor in the 1640s. Carlisle was the son of an pastor. Carlisle was born in England in 1600's and now works and lives in Forks, Washington. Rosalie was initially too shocked to decide if she grateful that Carlisle saved her, but she later resented him for denying her the opportunity to determine whether or not an immortal life was something she even wanted. When he emerged, he was a vampire. Carlisle's father led hunts for vampires, claiming that he was attempting to rid the world of evil and sin. RELATED: Twilight: 10 Ways Bella Swan Got Worse & Worse. One day he went to a vampire's home. Carlisle felt compelled to save her life and turned her into a vampire, subsequently falling in love with her, and marrying her later on. He was born to a very strict father. Every vampire has a story of how they ended up this way, and Edward's is really interesting. Twilight fans love Carlisle Cullen and have created memes, and he had a hand in Edward's transformation from a human to a vampire. Carlisle . he underwent the painful transformation alone. Emmett, having already fallen in love with Rosalie, accepted his new state rather quickly. He is respected amongst the vampire world. The vampire fell on Carlisle and left him bleeding in the streets after killing two other men and taking off with a third. Carlisle is the head and “father figure” of the family. Edward doesn't die from the flu, but the vampire venom travels through his body via the circulatory system and Edward's still-beating heart. He's married to Esme Cullen, and adoptive father to Edward, Emmett, Alice, Rosalie and Jasper. Carlisle is working as a doctor, and he decides to save Edward by turning him. He's a vegetarian vampire who's lucky enough not to feel the need to act on blood lust when it comes to humans. How did emett become a vampire?

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