an action that was going on) at a particular time in the past.. This is not only a classic activity for the Past Continuous, but also an all time classic TEFL game. Example (Affirmative Form): I was eating. The class are A2 monolingual learners aged 14-16 years old. Although it has its nuances, we usually use it talk about actions that were in progress at a specific time in the past.We also use it in conjunction with the past simple when talking about interruptions (I was doing my homework when the phone rang). Find past continuous lesson plans and teaching resources. (More on the present continuous / progressive). How do you use past continuous tense ? Examples: Clare was painting while I was cooking dinner. In Past-Continuous-3 we start with a review of the positive and negative forms, and move to a simple analysis of the different uses of the tense (actions in the past and interruptions).For interruptions, we introduce the use of conjunctions (when and while) to join the clauses containing the activities that were happening (past continuous) and the interruptions (past simple). An A2 level ESL lesson plan for teaching the past simple and past continuous.It includes a suggested lead-in activity, several classroom activities, a game and a collection of … What is past continuous tense ? 1. We use the past continuous to describe actions that happen at the same time. Again, we use “while” before the past continuous. Like the present continuous, ... Further explanation, as well as a list of such verbs that cannot be used in the continuous tenses can be found in the lesson on the continuous verb tenses. Past perfect tense – English grammar The present continuous tense in English What is meant by past continuous tense is, to talk about the situations that were happening in the past. More English lessons. In this first example, […] This page will present the form and the use of the past continuous (progressive.) I have to use a standard PPP procedure and make it engaging to interest teenagers. talking about actions interrupted by another action. Students are given a list of strange actions and ask their partners to come up with innocent reasons why they were doing those things, e.g. We use past continuous tense when: talking about actions that lasted for some time before. Past Continuous Tense Past continuous tense or also widely known as past progressive tense that combines the present tense with the continuous aspect. The past continuous (also called past progressive) is a verb tense which is used to show that an ongoing past action was happening at a specific moment of interruption, or that two ongoing actions were happening at the same time. ESL Activities and Games | Teaching the past simple and past continuous Grammar | 60 - 90 minutes. It is formed from the past tense of the verb be, together with the -ing form of a verb. The past continuous: The past continuous, also called past progressive, is used to refer to an action that was continuous (i.e. I am required to plan a 50 minute grammar lesson to introduce the past continuous to describe interupted actions in the past. Read on for detailed descriptions, examples, and past continuous exercises. From past continuous tense worksheets to past continuous form videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources. Past Continuous Accusations. The past continuous tense is used for actions that occurred at a specific time in the past. The past continuous is another tense that is commonly taught to beginners, usually after they’ve learned the past simple. While Mark was washing the car, Jane was reading. past continuous interrupted lesson plans provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module.

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