I sat down in front of the TV and watched Live With Kelly when Josh Groban was the co-host, and I was in clipping heaven. Sweet gum balls are dangerous to your outdoor space. Don't cut down your sweet gum trees or spend a ton of money on a lawn vacuum. Additionally, if you leave the sweet gum balls in your yard and allow them to embed into the ground, they can be extremely difficult for any type of lawn sweeper to pick up. The biggest flaw of this tree is the hundreds of sweet gum balls it drops onto gardens and lawns beginning in early winter and going until springtime. The tree needs the injections right before it flowers in spring. California . Check ot other posts in urban gardening. One crop is … A. My husband works hard to remove the sweetgum balls, but it seems to be a never-ending task. It chops most of them up. Using chemicals require accurate application during the flowering phase. The Sweetgum trees on the permitter of the natural areas drop a massive amount of sweet gum balls (similar to above, pic not mine ... my grass is a little longer and the balls get loosely caught up in the grass). We love your site! One application of Snipper® in early spring causes premature death of developing flowers but does not affect foliage. The tree is beautiful and offers lots of shade so I wouldn’t mind keeping it, but we absolutely detest the spiny little balls that are covering our back yard. Advertisement. My mom had to laugh once when she saw Martha Stewart painting sweet gum balls to decorate napkin rings for fancy parties. Bake the gum balls in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. Yes, it is out of it's natural range, but our climate here in central CA allows many out of the area trees (and other plants) to thrive here. If this is the route you want to take, you might want to contact a tree contractor to do the job for you. Snipper (Indole-3-butyric acid) Plant Growth Regulator, PGR A de-flowering agent for sweet gum trees that is used to eliminate young flowers before they fertilize to form gum balls. It is important to note that tall grass messes with the effectiveness of these techniques. We look forward to serving you and your awesome trees. Thank you very much! Step 2. They really hurt. (04/15/2009) By Liz Orr. That’s because the tree will begin blooming in March and won’t be through until sometime in May, and hormone products can’t be used repeatedly, so you’re not going to destroy all of the tree’s potential fruit, or gumballs. Hardiness Zone: 6a By Linda Luckett from IL. Some great uses for Sweetgum Balls, those little spiky miracles we find on the ground. Jun 19, 2015 - Sweetgum balls are anything but sweet but the prickly fruit of sweetgum trees. Barney Kohout of GreenPlantFuel.com demonstrates how to remove gum balls from sweet gum trees. Chemicals are available for stopping the sweetgum from bearing fruit. How to Kill a Sweet Gum Tree. March 4, 2011. Then, the flowers drop, preventing the balls from ever forming. What is the best way to prevent this and what is the best way to kill the small saplings that have started? If you want, you could have them chopped up for mulch or for art and crafts projects (if you’re into that). How do I get rid of gumballs? Maybe. If you cut one down you'll just get 3 more shoots where that one was. You know, one option is to check with a local lawn and garden shop, see if anyone will rent you one to see how well it works. By Debbie Stewart [6 Posts, 69 Comments] March 4, 2011 0 found this helpful. If you decide to try, you can purchase ethepon (click for sources). Location Lexington, KY. Typically, 1 quart of the chemical needs to be mixed with 10 gallons of water to make a spray. 13 answers Mogie. We are not JUST in the tree service business, we care about the trees and customers that we come in contact with every single day. The Liquidambar, the American Sweet Gum, is the name of the tree that produces the annoying seedpods that are spiny and brown in color. Snipper (Indole-3-butyric acid) by Tree Tech is a popular de-flowering agent for sweet gum trees that is used to eliminate young flowers before they fertilize to form gum balls. I love the leaves on the trees it sucks dealing with the gum balls though! By Linda Luckett [1 Post] February 26, 2011. A rapid-growing tree, the sweetgum offers lots of shade, while thriving well in a vast range of moisture levels and soils. If I didn't need the shade, it would be gone in a heartbeat. Getting Rid of Sweet Gum Balls. Bag-A-Nut has Several Products If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us at 813-328-1288. Using an appropriate plant growth regulator, or ripening agent, can get your sweet gum tree to stop producing balls, though not all of them. or are we better to continue to TRY to burn the things? Sweet gum tree's are the worst at regrowing where I have cut them down before. Pick Up Sweet Gum Balls Finally Bag-A-Nut has your sweet gum ball removal solution! Apply according to the product label dosing directions making the leaves moist on both sides with the product but not so wet that the product is dripping off of the foliage. … I really like my sweet gum tree. How do you get rid of sweet gum balls? Gather up a lot of gum balls. I really like my sweet gum tree. Thanks in advance! How to Clean Sweet Gum Balls From Lawn. He does not want to get rid of the trees, but the gum balls are dangerous for the children to play on when they drop. The same process can be used to eliminate the fruit on a crabapple, whose progeny might render a sidewalk slippery. I checked it out and was amazed to find that people actually pay money for sweet gum balls! Getting Rid of Sweet Gum Balls. This gives our Arborist’s about a week time frame to get the application on to prevent the balls from dropping all year. Is there any way to prevent these fuzzy little “creatures” from sprouting in the upcoming spring? It might not be a great idea to get rid of them because they provide great shade for your house. A. The tree will be neutered for the year. It’s an elegant, columnar tree with large maple shaped leaves that provides beautiful fall color. You can also use the remedy of nailing a row of copper nails into the trunk before the leaves come out and removing them each year when the gum balls fall from un-treated trees - put them back in each year, but remove them in the other season to allow the tree to recover from the treatment. Lawn Vacuums. The chemical ethepon (Florel) releases ethylene gas when it is sprayed onto the tree branches while sweetgum flowers are present in spring. 3 Answers. Anything, just get rid of the darn things! Most trees are going to drop something, the good thing about sweet gum is the balls are really easy to collect with the right size rake, more so than acorns or sycamore leaves. Eliminating Sweetgum Balls I was severely dis-heartened to look up in my big sweetgum yesterday and note the thousands of balls that have not yet fallen from last year. However, the search is long overdue; we’ve taken hundreds of walks in our neighborhood and have run into the same patches of ‘spiky balls’ countless times. A fast developing tree, the sweetgum provides lots of shade, while growing fine in a wide assortment of moisture and soil levels. Sweetgum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) are suitable for use in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. Sweet gum trees are so beautiful…until you want to walk barefoot through your lawn. My daughter makes them beautiful, and people are always wanting to buy them from her. Barney Kohout of GreenPlantFuel.com demonstrates how to remove gum balls from sweet gum trees. They are definitely prized much more up north, where they are hard to get, and people actually pay money for the sweetgum balls (vs down south where people would probably pay money to get rid of them). Because of our climate, the balls fall year around. Yes, it is out of it's natural range, but our climate here in central CA allows many out of the area trees (and other plants) to thrive here. Control Those Dang Tree Suckers! Most people find the effort too difficult. Sweet gums can get over 100 ft. To get rid of a gum boil at home, mix half a glass of lukewarm water with half a teaspoon of table salt until the salt is dissolved. If you want a smaller quantity of the spray, mix 3 fluid ounces of the chemical with 1 gallon of water. Permanently getting rid of the tree by cutting it down is the most efficient solution for eliminating the sweetgum ball issue from your outdoor space. They can live in just about any kind of soil. Want to know some excellent ways to get rid of your horrendous gumballs? Clip off all the stems. If you are feeling really motivated, get on ebay and sell some like these folks are! Treatments and remedies for calluses. Removing the tree permanently by cutting it down is the most effective solution for removing the sweetgum ball problem from your lawn, then following up by replacing it with a fruitless roundleaf sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Rotundiloba’) or another type of tree.. Do deer eat sweet gum balls? A: The spiky seed pods of the sweetgum tree are a nuisance to many gardeners. Snipper is an injectable product that de-balls a sweetgum. It is a lovely deciduous tree, but it produces annoying little (1 inch) fruit like balls that are rather hard to clean up. Our only problem is that we inherited a very large sweetgum tree in the back yard. Hope you all … Tall. After bagging, you can get rid of them via your trash service. How do you get rid of sweet gum balls? Most lawn mower vacuum systems get clogged up with the sweet gum balls, and … Just spray paint them gold or silver, tie them into units of 3 each and use them on wreaths or as tree ornaments, or even on packages. blsfan. Answer (1 of 1): Sweet gum trees make beautiful shade trees, but the gum balls are annoying. These things hurt, so always wear gloves when handling them. My mother told me that "crafters" just love sweet gum balls and buy them to use in all kinds of craft projects. Some units have a chipper mechanism to aid with composting. I have tried Florel on Sweetgums and Ginkgos. If the tree is flowering when the chemical is applied, the gas will cause the flowers to drop off. Snipper (Indole-3-butyric acid) Plant Growth Regulator, PGR A de-flowering agent for sweet gum trees that is used to eliminate young flowers before they fertilize to form gum balls. The problem is the balls. How can I get rid of the balls without getting rid of the tree? by TampaTree | May 25, 2018 | Types of Trees | 0 comments. … By shelley [1 Post, 13 Comments] February 27, 2011 0 found this helpful. Pick up the sweet gum balls by hand while wearing a pair of gardening gloves. Below are some suggestions on how to get rid of sweet gum tree balls. The one significant defect of this tree is numerous of woody, spiny balls it let fall onto gardens and lawns and gardens across the US, beginning in early winter until spring. As you know, the tree is fast-growing and it offers lots of summer sun screen when mature. Snipper is an injectable product that de-balls a sweetgum. The Buzz is all about giving back to you, our loyal customers. I gave up cleaning up all the seed balls from my huge sweet gum years ago. It can be used by a homeowner but hiring a certified arborist might be a better solution. We love your site! Getting Rid of Sweet Gum Balls You could make the prettiest Christmas decorations with them. The question on how to pick up sweet gum tree monkey balls remains a mystery for all those who have racked their brains over and over again. I was doing single placement of round up, which worked but they are still popping up in new places. Relevance. I’ve never used one of these to try to pick up sweet gum balls. If you need to get rid of a sweetgum tree from your property, the best way to do it is to kill the tree with a recommended herbicide, according to Ohio State University Extension. Additionally, when the Sweetgum balls fall from a tree, the seed pods break open, and the sawdust-like seed contents spread; inevitably, there will become numerous juvenile trees.
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