The current legislation on high hedges comes under Section 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003). We removed a 20m "hedge" (row) of about 10 trees which were around 11m tall and it was approx £800 but then another £200-300 to get the stumps out as out tree surgeon didnt want to do this (he is a bit lightweight!). Advice - cost of removing 9 metre privet hedge with fencing. In front of it is a border about a metre deep. As far as I am aware, if the hedge is yours he cannot stop you removing it. When I cut my conifers down, I chopped the top of the tree off leaving about six foot of the trunk to use as a lever. Pruning Conifer Hedges Conifer hedges do not tolerate pruning very well. This creates very unattractive patches in the hedge. He says that a domestic conifer hedge in a conservation area needs permission to remove! Replies: 7 Views: 10,160. You can leave the branches which are higher than about 5 feet. We can tell you how best to approach this and what to look out for. If you need to remove a hedge, first check your deeds and I said if its a domestic conifer no longer than 20m not on farmland etc then you dont need permission!!? Just having a debate with one of the lads I work with today! Gaps in a hedge are annoying. 8 years ago I removed spindly bits of our front privet hedge and replanted with wildlife shrubs in batches of 3, so 3 holly, 3 hazel, 3 hawthorn, etc. If you're just starting out and you need business, equipment, tech or training support you're in the right place. We have about 10 conifer trees (planted too closely) that are planted across the back of our new garden along the fence line (thats 10 metres). Leylandii hedge removal cost. We submit for significant reductions of LC hedges but not annual/biennial 'trimming', although strictly, I suppose, we should. We want to replace it with a fence. The hedge reduces noise pollution for individuals who live near busy roads. Shorten the tips of the shoots. Beware, however, getting into a dispute with your neighbour. The job entailed removing a very old mixed hedge and my neighbours were happy with the job too. For this, secure the winch or pully as low down as possible on the tree trunk with a wide belt. What can I grow in front of a conifer hedge? Conifer roots are usually not that difficult to remove with the use of a mattock, spade and loppers, some hard graft and a dose of persistence. You could be better off removing it and starting again. I've done it myself - short, female and retired You could also, of course, hire someone with a stump grinder to remove them for you. Fix the other end of the pull rope to the top end of the trunk of your hedge plant. They don't go down that deep but remove the big roots and I have been able to plant climbers since. You can find out how to create compost soil in the garden here. Conifer hedge plays a vital role in our homes and gardens. Some gardeners swear that a second pruning in the year ensures more even and dense growth. That's not from a CA website, sounds like more to do with the hedgerows regs/act. It is 12-15 metres long and about 8/9 feet high, but is quite wide and is gradually encroaching on the rest of the garden. You can exercise considerably more force on the hedge plant with a winch or pulley, so that sooner or later it will yield and you can remove the trunk with the root ball. The mulch retains moisture around the plant balls for a particularly long time. Before you pull out a hedge, you should also find out whether you are allowed to remove the plant in your location. Powered by Invision Community.   You cannot paste images directly. If you start pruning these in February, you will reduce the number of flowers. Some friendly local children set light to our conifer hedge. They are enormous, they come out 5 metres into the garden. to implement a planning permission (but in the case of permitted development rights, most hedgerow removal WILL require prior permission). The green outer leaves and dead brown inner leaves effectively make a fuel filled chimney with flames leaping out the top. If you've done it, made it, got a van load of oily t-shirts and have decided to give something back by sharing your knowledge or wisdom,  then you're welcome too. My garden and that of our neighbour is divided by a hedge. Quick-growing conifers will need about three cuts per year during the growing season, at roughly eight week intervals. Saturday 18th February 2012. Deep rooted plants such as cherry laurel are the hardest to remove. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. There’s about 10 stumps and the conifers are HERTS P&D 13 Aug 2013. Removing every other Leylandii tree in the row may be the only option to prevent them losing more of the lower foliage. If you want to rejuvenate an old hedge, you can cut back cherry laurel, firethorn, privet or even barberry deep into the old wood. So the hedge becomes lovely and dense again. Below is an example of a 30 metre conifer hedge cutting in a suburb of London. Joined: Jun 1, 2015 Messages: 102 Gender: Male Location: N. Ireland Ratings: +45. By Conifers need removing « on: October 20, 2014, ... We have a conifer stump - the last one on the end of the hedge's row, cut flat and level with a path that it is now part of! Early pruning has an advantage: The plant shoots are not yet completely full of sap in February. If you have to prune a second time, do not do this any later than the end of June. Discussion. Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by barcelona, 29 Jan 2011. barcelona. Removing hideous giant conifer trees (11 Posts) Add message | Report Brambles34 Tue 14-Apr-15 17:31:21 We recently moved into a new house which has 2 conifer … mid to late June.   Pasted as rich text. Although often large and heavy, stumps can be removed with the right equipment and technique, or removed by weedkiller. If you prune back the hedge too much, it will often no longer bud from the needleless branches. Otherwise the plant will not develop flower buds for the coming year. Did you know that the UniversalHedgePole 18 is the perfect partner? Bob has been my gardener for about 5 years now. Then subscribe to our newsletter, which has plenty of tips and tricks for keeping things exciting around your home and garden! Afterwards, water thoroughly and place some bark mulch on the soil. Find out how to trim a conifer hedge with powered shears and achieve a perfect finish, in this simple practical guide, from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. docburgess, 10 Aug 2013, in forum: In the Garden. The best shape for hedges is a trapezoid profile. It even cuts high hedges easily and precisely. conifer or privet hedge), the desired degree of pruning and the region in which you are located. Nonetheless, a few handy tips are always helpful to ensure your hedge still looks good after pruning and lives up to its purpose as a decorative garden element which provides visual and wind protection. These can all be reduced by as much as 50 percent in height and width in a single cut. A pruner is also really useful here. At the moment I am just looking at sawing them off at ground level and taking away, they are about 6-7ft tall. Step 5: In the case of severely overgrown hedges follow the steps above and additionally remove the top third of the plant to around 20 cm beneath the final desired height for the hedge. Very tough removing leylandii stumps the roots have a elastic quality and so do not snap easily. Nonetheless, you can still rejuvenate these. Hedge plants such as copper beeches, field maples and hornbeams generally tolerate rejuvenation very well. The brown colour across branches will not be a problem provided you trim regularly.
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