Soy protein doesn’t naturally taste like chicken, it tastes like soy. Most of us know: we should eat less meat. Thank you so much for this detailed recipe and ANDREA please give it another try and follow the instructions exactly. Or, you can bake these golden pieces of juicy perfection in the oven for delicious oven-fried vegan chicken. You’ll also have a bunch of bits leftover. I was so excited to get the notification for this recipe as I’ve just recently gone gluten free and am missing seitan. Whoops! In the past, I’ve done this with deep fried cauliflower: let cool to room temp, spread out on a sheet pan to freeze solid, then transfer to freezer bags. Hello. Can we use flax eggs instead of that egg replacer? So convenient to have it at the ready, and the texture absorbs sauces and broth much better than fresh tofu in many different applications! I haven’t seen with my own eyes yet though. Firm and extra firm tofu tends to get grainy and crumbly. It's a simple recipe but you do need to be mindful of some details. 170g of vital wheat gluten 170g silken tofu 2 tbsp water 1 tbsp of garlic powder 2 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tsp dried sage 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp of vegan chicken seasoning 1 tsp vegetable or vegan chicken … I live in northern Florida and there aren’t any stores that carry T & T, Sunrise, or Superior, so I took a whole day and ran around town to a few Asian grocery stores as well as Whole Foods, Target, Earth Fare, & Publix and did an experiment… I bought several different brands of tofu: Whole Foods Firm; Earth Fare Firm; Publix Firm; Nasoya Firm; House Medium Firm; House Medium; and a tofu press. Combined with five spice seasoning, an air fryer, and twenty minutes later, I had something that was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They taste better than the real thing. This is actually one of the more bland parts of the chicken. Most interesting, how did they taste? I first opened the package, took the tofu out, cut into pieces, squeezed all the water from tofu (wrapped the pieces in kitchen towel and put heavy plates on it, then froze it for the first time in tupperware, thawed, sqeezed more water, froze for a second time and thawed again. Mary. Made from a blend of sea salt, onion & garlic powder, turmeric, and a handful of other spices (celery seed, ginger powder, and black pepper, to be specific), this Seasoning Salt conjures the flavor of chicken without actually containing chicken (or … Thanks for sharing your experience! I've seen photos from readers who have tried with this brand and it works only sometimes. Next time . At first I was nervous because after I froze/thawed/froze/thawed/pressed the tofu, it wasn’t showing the flaky layers that was in yours– it looked more spongey. Great question, Ori. I was in way too deep to turn back then! House brand SOMETIMES WORKS with medium firm. Tasted amazing sliced up on sandwiches, like roast chicken chunks. That sounds frustrating, Rachel. Looks like chicken with rice to you? But freezing the tofu twice….. I had a few of the pieces whilst hot and ate the rest cold over the next couple of days. Or other types of tofu? But if you don’t have access to these special ingredients, don’t worry. Hi Diana. If the tofu that you buy goes grainy instead of flaky after freezing, try the next softer tofu in the same brand. It is easier to make a product that matches a cooked chicken, than a product that matches both the raw & cooked version of chicken. It’s well seasoned enough for me but everyone is different . You can also use a tofu press if you have one or squeeze your tofu gently between two cutting boards. Follow the oven-fried chicken instructions, work in smaller batches, and shorten the cook time. This sounds easy, however, most of the chemical conversions that take place when cooking meat occur in a very narrow time and temperature spectrum. In the cup of a high speed blender, combine the chickpeas (including their soaking water), the … Hi Lili, ahhh that sucks I’m so sorry but I wouldn’t call that food safe anymore. I used a tofu-making mould to help me and it did very well. Read on for the answers! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! Unfortunately, these questions and thus the answers will always be complicated, we took a stab at it. They freeze really well. I’ve been a follower for awhile and saved this recipe ages ago, but then someone in a vegan Facebook group linked to your recipe again, which reminded me that I STILL have tofu in the freezer! Also wondering what is really the most sustainable ‘chicken’? If you’re still interested in finding the right type of tofu, try looking in the nearest Chinatown. No animals needed. Do you think this would work in an air fryer? They don't develop the layered effect and retain more water. The soft/smooth ones taste more tofu-ish. I'm in western Canada and have no access to other brands. Should I have let them thaw outside of the refrigerator? I told her it was. So I ordered the vegan chicken bullion cubes. Going forward I will only prep my tofu in this manner. And I actually think that the lack of layers organically separating the pieces might be better because I can control the shapes that it’s broken up into; maybe I will make wings next time! I heated up a couple at 425 degrees for 10 minutes and they come out just as crunchy as the day before. Place the coated piece back on the plate or baking sheet. Also I used half plain flour and half cornflour but I plan to buy some gluten free. And the best chicken tenders I ever tasted . Hope that helps – Mary. Let the tofu rest on a clean kitchen towel while you prepare the seasoned flour and vegan egg wash. Mycoprotein is a protein source that comes from fungi (so it’s related to mould and yeasts). Now several months later, I’m confident that this will be the best vegan chicken you’ll make at home! I used regular flour but sifted it so it was lighter. Just wondering if anybody has tried that and if it is soggy? But no matter what, it will be eaten with thanks giving. Good luck! I live in the UK and this is the only brand we have here that have different firmness of tofu. . Buffalo wings do not typically have a crispy coating like fried chicken does. I was using the original formula. I recommend the one I used because it comes out really nicely; better than using regular AP flour. So it will resemble dry chicken breast and have more of a pronounced tofu flavour. I was wondering if you can bread them and then freeze them? The other option is to make something raw, that looks likechicken and also looks like cooked chicken once a consumer prepares it. If you did, how did it turn out? In this Fried ‘Chicken’, texturized vegetable protein slices stand in the for the chicken. Than you can marinate and it will soak up more flavour than if you didn’t freeze. Cheers, Mary. That’s about the firmness that Medium Firm Tofu will have. Worked perfectly. I used the House Brand Soft Tofu… It’s the only thing we get in my area. Sorry, non-refrigerated tofu doesn’t work in this recipe. AMAZING! I may be a day late and a dollar short on commenting since this was originally posted last year, but I do have a question about the freeze method. A lot of the flavour actually sits in the more fatty chicken parts as well as the bones. Or reheated then after they had cooked and then frozen? While the ingredients are within the extruder that are mixed and kneaded intensely. However, even if you don’t get flaky layers, you can still use that tofu. Hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes if you decide to try this. It worked perfectly. Good luck for next time. It may be some variation in the tofu itself. I changed up the seasonings a bit to try to emulate KFC. You won’t get the layer-y effect without it. This technology claims to be a lot less energy intensive. I have to say, these blew the Gardein product away. I recommend double checking the oil temperature that you’re using. I’m so happy you loved the recipe. I see no layers at all, just a spongey consistency. I recommend looking for an Asian market or asking your grocery to stock medium firm tofu. <3. Hello! Hey Mary! Freezing once makes the layers but they fall apart super easily. Use a finger to press on that part of your hand and notice how it has some give but is also somewhat firm at the same time. This recipe looks amazing But is it possible to substitute the rice puffs /rice crispies for something else? It is very dificult in my country to find firm or medium firm tofu, so I use your recipe to make my own firm tofu ( with lemon as a coagulant) I press it for about 45 minutes…Can I use it to make this? Christopher, I use a regular egg and it works well. If anything, I’m sure you’ll end up with something tasty even if it doesn’t have the same texture. WOW; I will absolutely be meal prepping these to freeze and then enjoy at a later time. Make deep-fried vegan chicken on your stove top or deep-fryer for the absolute best vegan chicken you’ve ever had. Next week, I plan on trying these again. Hi!! Make sure to freeze the tofu completely until it is solid and then let it thaw completely each time. Whereas I don’t have any problems eating vegetarian regularly, not everyone in our or your household might think the same. This bears repeating . I like freshly fried stuff, but I like a-day-after fried stuff as much. Which brand did you use? Freeze it first? They loved it! It’s always especially nice to hear what the non-vegans thought -Mary. This is what creates the realistic vegan chicken effect. But the best bet is finding your local Chinatown or Asian grocery store. Place the vegan-egg-coated pieces into the seasoned flour with rice crisps, cover gently and lightly pat so the rice crisps stick on well. I like to use my stand mixer for these, but a medium bowl … Mushroom Seasoning (use this just like broth powder): or Better Than Boullion No-Chicken Base: or DIY Vegan “Chicken” Broth: Other options exist! You can also try replacing some of the flour for potato or rice starch to lighten up regular flour. Instead, they have to be shaped into fibers to imitate that muscle structure. Using medium firm (or Traditional style) tofu produces a tender texture without that grainy feeling. I made some mistakes. I’m going to spray them and then try them in the air fryer since I try to avoid fried food. To oven-fry, drizzle or spray oil generously over the breaded vegan chicken pieces that you’ve laid over a parchment lined baking sheet. oh no! But, they turned out phenomenal!! One that I LOVE is using chickpea flour and water. The best by date on the packaging is still a week away. Thanks for your comment -Mary. Prepare a wide bowl with your double strength chicken-style broth. I made this and stored some of them in a freezer. when doing my spree of holiday shopping, I ended up buying silken tofu and miso broth. Nowadays, there are so many vegetarian meats on the market, even burgers that cook, look and eat like beef burgers! Thank you ! I didn’t have fake egg on hand and.nor would I buy it anyway so I used instead chickpea flour mixed with equal parts water for the wet part of recipe then dredged in gluten free flour and krispies u mention for top layer. Your best option is to use vegetarian stock maybe with some of those vegetarian chicken fillets. -Mary. Have you made jackfruit fried chicken? even the resident carnivore in the house loved it. Whisk until smooth. Hi. Did you use medium/traditional tofu? The secret to making this flaky, juicy BEST Vegan Fried “Chicken” is twice frozen medium firm tofu. […] Another 4th of July recipe that’s sure to win over the carnivores is this vegan fried un-chicken recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen. I’ve had a similar experience with House Foods medium tofu. Thank you so much for your response Mary. Thanks for sharing. There currently exist two major technologies to align soy proteins into a meat-like structure (and probably more, which are kept more secret). The “chicken” may have been a little more crumbly than it would be with medium firm, but the results were outstanding. I wonder- can I make the “chicken” (double the amount) and then, after i fried it, to freeze it? This is such a terrific recipe and one I’ll be making again and again. I probably should have drained the chicken on paper towels after frying. I’ll have to keep a lookout for it. This is an incredible recipe! Can you guess how I stumbled across this? -Mary. I tried this method as I didn’t have gluten free flour and it worked so perfectly! Use a 1:1 ratio of chickpea flour and water. BUT it’s a risk. Looking for the Tofu Brands tested to work? Viewers have told me that House brand tofu works when you use Soft. A few weeks later, I thawed the block, went to press it and was blown away by the texture. Please let me know how next attempt goes. Looks wonderful Mary! I just realized I forgot the nooch! Besan flour finely ground from Indian market. The Best Vegan Fried Chicken (gluten-free! Great protein and very easy to make. See my video tutorial for a demonstration. Please let me know in the comments if you try other brands and how it worked out for you. Personally, I’ll stick to this particular flour from Bob’s Red Bill because it works well and doesn’t have any odd flavours. Sooo Gooood!! I didn’t read the whole blog before going to buy tofu and I ended up getting the house foods medium firm. I live in DC and have had a lot of vegan chicken, and this is by far the best. I wouldn’t recommend this recipe. Let them rest for a few minutes before digging in or saucing up. Next time I will use reduced chicken broth. First time I baked… Second I fried. These screws move the ingredients through the pipe, continuoulsy moving product towards the exit. Taking a bite was like licking the oil bottle. You can even turn this recipe into Vegan Dry Pot Tofu by using your choice of prepared tofu or Vegan Dry Pot “Chicken” by using store-bought vegan chicken tenders or a batch of The Best Vegan Fried “Chicken.” […], […]   I’ve been following Korean YouTuber Maangchi for a while; I mentioned her in my post for making Vegan Kimchi. Thank you. Yes, I have many many many times trying to decipher WHY twice makes such a difference. Thank you in advance. Then I’d bake them at 425°F until they were hot and crispy. Around where I live, you’re either getting silken or firm to extra firm. Meat is pretty special. It actually appears to have the same texture as chicken. My 7 year old omni daughter gave it a thumbs up when I asked how she liked it. General food safety guidelines for home cooking say not to freeze and reheat food twice. I get a firm block of tofu. Going to find another brand to try (or maybe try Sprouts soft tofu?) I don’t own one yet, but hope to soon. I tried their medium firm version and it acted like a firm or extra firm would – good but wouldn’t flake. The sugar helps to sweeten the chicken, but also it helps it to brown when you’re searing it off (thanks to the Maillard reaction). Dipped in a little Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and they were to die for. Add 1 tablespoon oil. Thanks! I read so many of these post and the recipe is no doubt very good judging from all the comments. Maple syrup, hot sauce, honey mustard and collard greens–I wish there was a place to post a picture. Wheat Protein, Vegetable Proteins (Pea, Mung Bean), Methyl Cellulose, Natural Flavours, Fibre, Yeast, Yeast Extracts, Dehydrated Vegetables (Garlic, Onion), Herb Extract, Vitamin B12 (Natural). I’ve done the freeze/thaw completely in the fridge/freezer (no countertop) but it will have had about 3-4 days in the fridge since it was last frozen. It was SO GOOD! My onmi family loved it!! It had the chicken structure as described and absorbed broth very well so it didnt have that typical tofu taste at all. As you suggested, I’m sure it will give me that juicy chicken flavor. I did this recipe for a nostalgia food night (doubled the recipe) they coat really well when tossed lightly in sauce, and they pass the “cold chicken” test with flying colors. Can I make this in an air fryer? I used a thinned out flax egg, regular flour and added a small pinch of poultry seasoning to my flour mixture. I didn’t have the same egg replacer that you used I had the Orgran egg replacer but when I run out of it I’ll buy the one you used. Or you can reheat in the oven. I had left overs and refried them again and they were great, but not as chicken layered texture as the first time. . Good luck, Jenny -Mary.
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